Honors Project

For my honors program in Communication at Wake Forest University, I chose to revise a paper I previously wrote for my Film Theory and Criticism class.  The original research paper focused strictly contextualizing the number “I Dreamed a Dream” from Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of Les Misérables; for the honors project, I further contextualized within the entire history of cinema.

And, in order to better convey my thesis, I also added a video essay component to the project.  This not only allowed me to rely on the resource of the moving image but also enabled me to engage a wider variety of audiences with the project.

I created this page on my professional site in order to provide those who saw the video and wanted to learn more the chance to read the full paper.  Not to mention, it gives me an outlet to properly cite and attribute all the tremendous writers whose work I came across in my research.

Click on the picture below to download my full paper.  Thanks for visiting!

Les Mis paper

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