Podcast Appearances

I love to write, and in case you didn’t make the immediate connection, I also like to talk! I’m always happy to come on your podcast to talk about movies, culture, life, etc. See below for some of my recent appearances!

TÁR | M3GAN | All that Jazz (Truth and Movies, 1/13/23)

Venice Report: White Noise, Bones and All, The Whale and more (Truth and Movies, 9/6/22)

A Trip to the Venice Film Festival ’21 with Marshall Shaffer (It’s the Pictures Pod, 9/17/21)

TIFF 2019 Preview Extravaganza (It’s the Pictures Pod, 8/25/19)

You’ve Got A Friend In Me (It’s the Pictures Pod, 6/19/19)

Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, and Ryan Gosling (It’s the Pictures Pod, 9/17/18)

Stoner Odysseys (Be Reel Podcast, 5/24/18)

Anyone Named Tully Around Here? (It’s the Pictures Pod, 4/19/18)