Podcast Appearances

I love to write, and in case you didn’t make the immediate connection, I also like to talk! I’m always happy to come on your podcast to talk about movies, culture, life, etc. See below for some of my recent appearances!

Nine Days with Rafa Sales Ross and Marshall Shaffer (Flixwatcher, 1/11/24)

TÁR | M3GAN | All that Jazz (Truth and Movies, 1/13/23)

Venice Report: White Noise, Bones and All, The Whale and more (Truth and Movies, 9/6/22)

A Trip to the Venice Film Festival ’21 with Marshall Shaffer (It’s the Pictures Pod, 9/17/21)

TIFF 2019 Preview Extravaganza (It’s the Pictures Pod, 8/25/19)

You’ve Got A Friend In Me (It’s the Pictures Pod, 6/19/19)

Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, and Ryan Gosling (It’s the Pictures Pod, 9/17/18)

Stoner Odysseys (Be Reel Podcast, 5/24/18)


Anyone Named Tully Around Here? (It’s the Pictures Pod, 4/19/18)