I lost count a long time ago, but I’ve definitely gotten Malcolm Gladwell’s whole “ten thousand hours” (which has been largely debunked, I know) for writing about film and media. I started writing reviews and other cinematic commentary on my blog Marshall and the Movies back in 2009 and began freelancing for other sites in earnest starting in 2015. Below are selected clips that showcase the range of my writing capabilities. (For full clips, see here.)

Festival Coverage

Tribeca Report: Here Comes Generation Z (Crooked Marquee, 5/6/19)

Binge Moviegoing: An 18 Hour Day at Fantastic Fest 2016 (Vague Visages, 9/24/16)

Sundance 2016: Hard Bodies, Soft Sells (Movie Mezzanine, 1/27/16)

Festival Reviews

Waves (Vague Visages, 9/9/19)

The Fourth Estate (Little White Lies, 4/30/18)

First Reformed (Slashfilm, 9/17/17)

Festival Capsules

The Unsung Gems of TIFF 2019: Three Under-the-Radar Films You Should Know About (Slashfilm, 9/20/19)

TIFF 2017 Capsule Reviews (Vague Visages, 9/18/17)

The Best Films of Sundance 2016 (Movie Mezzanine, 2/1/16)

Film Reviews

Run This Town (Crooked Marquee, 3/3/20)

6 Underground (The Playlist, 12/11/19)

22 July (Slashfilm, 10/9/18)

Television Reviews/Coverage

The Great review (The Playlist, 5/1/20)

Significant ‘Other’: How Chris Kelly’s ‘Other People’ Informs ‘The Other Two’ on Comedy Central (Decider, 2/8/19)

The Distinctive Visual Style Of ‘Sharp Objects’ Can Be Traced Back To ‘Wild’ (Decider, 8/16/18)

Interviews – Q&A

Jesse Plemons (The Playlist, 6/16/20)

Marielle Heller (Slant, 11/21/19)

Rosamund Pike (Slant, 12/21/17)

Interviews – Profile

Female Directors at TIFF 2019 (Slashfilm, 9/20/19)

Joanna Kulig (Vague Visages, 1/11/19)

David Lowery (Film School Rejects, 7/27/17)

Interviews – Craftspeople

Editor Kelley Dixon (Slashfilm, 9/19/19)

Editor Tom Cross (Vague Visages, 10/9/18)

Genre Analyses

How ‘First Cow’ Rewrites the Rules of the American Western For the Better (Slashfilm, 7/14/20)

‘The Incredibles’ Still Holds Up in the Age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Decider, 6/14/18)

Why Baby Driver is the movie musical we’ve been waiting for (Little White Lies, 7/1/17)


2017 Was a Bad Year for Cinema’s “Tortured Artists” (Slashfilm, 12/26/17)

I, Tonya, Foxcatcher, and Fallen Athletes of the ’90s (Crooked Marquee, 12/21/17)

Sex, Violence, and Spring Breakers (Bright Wall/Dark Room, 7/11/17)

Actor Profiles

It’s Time We Stop Taking Carey Mulligan For Granted (Decider, 3/19/18)

How Jennifer Lawrence Reclaims Power in ‘Red Sparrow’ (Slashfilm, 3/5/18)

Robert Pattinson: From Bedhead to Bushy Beard (Film School Rejects, 4/23/17)


Can the ‘Sicario’ Franchise Survive Without Emily Blunt? (Decider, 6/27/18)

‘The Bling Ring,’ Recontextualized in Post-Election America (Vague Visages, 6/30/17)

A look at a classic: Charlie Chaplin in “Modern Times” (The Christian Science Monitor, 5/31/11)

Event Coverage

Joker Q&A with Todd Phillips (The Playlist, 11/21/19)

Casino Royale intro with Daniel Craig (The Playlist, 3/4/20)

How ‘Twin Peaks’ Prepared Laura Dern for ‘Star Wars’ (Slashfilm, 12/15/17)


All the Natalie Portmans (Slashfilm, 3/29/20)

The Waverly Gallery (Bright Wall/Dark Room, 9/27/19)

Personal Essays

“Well, Childhood’s Over” – Claiming Adulthood with Some Help from Greta Gerwig (Vague Visages, 1/16/18)

How Greta Gerwig’s Little Women Rejects A False Cinematic Choice (Crooked Marquee, 4/6/20)

Corporate Blog Posts

Here Comes the Sundance (Integrate Agency, 2/16)

The History of the Pumpecapple Piecake (Three Brothers Bakery, 11/15)

Developing a Cannes-do attitude (Wake Forest University, 7/1/13)

Why DLP is A-OK for a/perture (a/perture, 11/12/12)

Podcast Appearances

See “Podcast Appearances” page

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